Reunion Style

It’s Reunion Weekend at Gettysburg College and today I’m sharing my style inspiration boards for our Reunion events throughout the weekend.

As you will quickly see, the college’s colors are orange and blue.  This makes for some fun and festive outfit planning.  So many stores are offering great orange and blue fashion this summer, so our alumni are in luck!

On Friday, our reunion classes have evening receptions.  Here are my picks for the evening cocktail party:

Reunion Style_Cocktail Reception

one–Madewell; two–BaubleBar;
three–Rebecca Minkoff; four–Stuart Weitzman

The Saturday day events call for casual wear.  Here are my picks for Saturday afternoon:

  Reunion Style_Saturday Afternoon

one–Willow and Clay; two–Kate Spade;  three–BaubleBar
four–Missoni;  five–Tory Burch

Finally, Saturday evening are the class dinners.  Style is a little more upscale, but still fun and comfortable in order to enjoy the late-night dance party!  Here are my favorite finds:

 Reunion Style_Saturday Night

one–Lilly Pulitzer; two–Jules Smith; three–Tory Burch;
four–Donald J. Pilner;  five–Lilly Pulitzer

Happy Reunion Weekend, Gettysburg College!


5 Essential Tips to Organizing Event Plans Like a Pro

It’s a week until your big event and your “to-do” list grows longer every time you complete a task.  You just found out from your mom that your aunt is no longer attending, but your parents’ neighbors are bringing their 3 grandchildren because they are visiting from out-of-town next weekend.  Oh, and they are gluten-free, FYI, and will need to be seated near the door in case they need to make a quick exit.  The flowers you ordered came in wilted (because of the drought in the islands this year) and you will need to pick another kind asap…and the list can go on and on!

Sound familiar?

Instead of panicking and losing precious planning time, it’s time to get organized and finish up your event plans!

As overwhelming as these scenarios seem, if you follow these 5 essential, professional organization tips, you will be able to pull off the seemingly impossible with (relative!) ease and maybe even a little flair!


1.Ask for a little help and delegate! 

As you approach your event date, there are more and more tasks to accomplish!  Now is the time to ask for help–or take people up on their offers to help.   Make sure to give your helpers specific tasks and instructions so they know how to complete their assignments in the way you want.  The more details the better–for you and for your helpers!

Event Planning Organization Sharing Details

Lilly Pulitzer Shift:  Similar here.  See in my other post here.

2.Share your vision and detailed plans with at least one other person.

From the onset of planning your event, it is a great practice to share you vision and detailed plans with at least one other person who is invested in the event or project.  Maybe this is your mom, best friend, husband or co-worker.  Bringing at least one other person into the event “brain trust” will help keep you on track and organized, especially on the day of the event.  Make sure this person feels empowered to help steer your other helpers in the right direction if anyone has any questions about what they are supposed to do.  This will help take a lot of the pressure off of you as you work with other, larger tasks along the way.

Event Planning Organization Wake Up Early

Pajamas and robes:  Victoria’s Secret.  Similar PJ’s here.  Similar “Bride” robe here.

3.Get to sleep early/wake up early!

I know this is so hard to do when you feel like you are busy at every waking minute, taking care of plans and tasks for your event.  However, if you have taken up the advice from tips #1 and #2, hopefully you have delegated some responsibility to others to help lighten your load a bit!  So, early to bed and early to rise for you!  Make a plan to stop working by a certain time in the evening.  If you are like me, I don’t accomplish much “good work” after 8:00 p.m.  My brain is exhausted by that time, and I start to make silly mistakes that I just have to correct (read–more time!) the next day.

If you are not a morning person, help entice yourself to wake up and get going by treating yourself to some great coffee or breakfast.  If I know there will be delicious coffee in the morning for me, I can pull myself out from under the covers a little more easily!

4.Be proactive–contact your vendors.

Spend a few minutes and pick up the phone.  Trust me–give them a call a few days before your event to just double check that they have all the details that you have.  This will save you some anxiety in the long run!  Plus, if anything has changed along the way, you can double check that you are both on the same page with the new plans.

Event Planning Organization Chart

5.Organize your “to-do” list–free printable/link. (Click on image for full document)

Do you ever feel like your “to-do” list is so long and you don’t even know where to begin?!  Sometimes when you don’t know where to start, it is hard to get anything accomplished, right!?  Below is a solution to help when you are in this kind of predicament!

I found this method of event organization early on in my career and it has helped me many times when I have felt overwhelmed.  The chart below helps organize all of your “to-do’s” by sorting tasks into levels of priority and urgency.  Here is how to fill out the chart:

I.  Most Important/Urgent

This is what you tackle first!  Fill in this section with tasks that are the most important to your event that must be completed right away!

II.  Less Important/Urgent

Go after finishing these tasks second.  Fill in this section with tasks that aren’t as essential, but still must be completed right away or as soon as possible.

III.  Most Important/Non-Urgent

Here is what you will accomplish third.  Fill in this section with elements that are essential to your event, but aren’t time sensitive or can wait to be completed until later on.  You can also use this section as good tasks to delegate to someone else who you trust.

IV.  Less Important/Non-Urgent

This section is for what you tackle last.  Here is where you can put any tasks that aren’t time sensitive and aren’t as imperative or important as the others.  Sometimes, I use this section for things I’d like to have or things that could add on to what is already planned.  This section can also be viewed as the “would be nice to have, but could be eliminated if needed…”  

I hope these tips help you stay organized and stress-free!  Best wishes with your event organization and planning!

Share your thoughts:  Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips that help you stay organized when planning an event.


Memorial Day Style and Beauty Inspiration

Memorial Day Weekend:  The unofficial start of summer is here, and I couldn’t be more excited!  Warm weather, pool days, BBQ’s, beach time…it is just the best!

Memorial Day Weekend also means picking out my patriotic summer style!

I put together a few inspiration boards to help us plan out our Memorial Day Weekend style and beauty.


memorial day_blue_white.jpg1. TJ Maxx Anchor Beach Tote  2.  Target Beach Chair (lays all the way down–a MUST for me)  3.  Talbots Sunglasses  4.  Round Beach Towel  5.  Jack Rogers Jelly Sandals  6. Roberta Roller Rabbit Serafina Tunic  7.  MIKOH Santorini Swimsuit  8.  Rag & Bone Baseball Cap



memorial day_red_white.jpg

1.  JCrew Braided Deep-V One-piece  2.  Tory Burch Thin Flip Flop  3.  One Kings Lane Beach Blanket  4.  JCrew Deep-V Wrap One-piece 5.  JCrew Factory Striped Sweatshirt



memorial day_beauty

  1. Smashbox BB Cream with SPF 35  2.  Evian Face Mist 3.  Too Faced Waterproof Mascara  4.  Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm with SPF 20

I hope my picks help you with your weekend shopping! Happy Memorial Day!


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